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Reaching People

It's our intent to provide an easy way for people to get quick access to a simple presentation of the gospel. We hope to have a system that you can just give someone this URL and they will learn how to connect with God.

Teaching People

We will have short videos with ways to reach people in all sorts of situations. We have Missionarys who have worked with every kind of person over the years & now how to reach them effectively with the love of God.

Talking To People

Q&As will be a big part of what we do. Answering peoples questions about the Gospel, or about how to spread the Gospel. We will have a way for you to talk to trained Missionarys, Speakers, and Pastors.

"I've had a burden to create something simple and free like this for a long time. Sometimes, After ministering to someone, They often have no resources available to continue their growth in the lord. I want to be able to give them this website, and then have them continue to grow in the lord. I want a way to maintain contact and continue encouraging them in their faith. This is the purpose of this website."

Ken Pounders - Missionary Evangelist